Pedro J. Perez Curriculum vitae

Pedro J. Perez

Professional Experience:

New York State Police:  Retired

Trooper – First Deputy Superintendent 1981 – 2010 

I was a highly experienced Police Executive who has demonstrated the ability to lead large and diverse agencies, companies and/or police departments. I possess strong leadership and management qualifications with an impressive track record of more than 20 years of hands-on experience in strategic planning, staff development, community policing projects, and labor relations strategies. I have a proven ability to successfully analyze an agency’s, company’s, or police department’s critical requirements for successful execution of their mandate; identify deficiencies and potential opportunities; develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for enhancing achievement of their central goals; improve the entity’s community relations; and promoting customer/citizen trust and confidence. Moreover, I was continuously involved in instructing members under my command on new procedures, tactics, and methods both formally and informally. I served as an instructor at the NYSP Academy teaching members of the state police and other law enforcement professionals a various criminal justice matters.

As a Sergeant, I served in a variety of capacities. I worked at the NYSP’s Affirmative Action Office. During this assignment, I assisted with EEO Compliant investigations, audits and reviews of the agency’s compliance with its own Diversity goals, and I taught “Cultural Sensitivity” and other similar courses. I also served as a sergeant at a “Patrol – Station.” There I supervised Troopers assigned to enforce the laws of this state, assisted in the administration of the station’s records and files, and provided training and instruction to troopers. Finally, throughout my tenure as a sergeant, I was the Team leader of the New York State Police Mobile Response West Team (SWAT). I analyzed tactical and emergency situations and developed appropriate plans. I would then lead my team during the successful execution of these plans.

During my tenure as a Lieutenant, I was responsible for developing investigative strategies for major crimes response. I led a detail of highly experienced investigators during homicides and other major crimes cases. I was the architect of a highly successful narcotics enforcement strategy dubbed “Operation Crackdown” that was the model for subsequent state police across New York State.

As a result of my successful performance as a Lieutenant in the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), I was designated as Commander of the NYSP statewide “Community Narcotics Enforcement Team (CNET).” CNET had teams across the state of New York and these teams would assist local police departments with narcotics investigations. These investigations would range from low-level street operations to major wiretap cases.

Soon, thereafter, I was promoted to Major and assigned as a Troop Commander. As such, I was responsible for all state police operations with an eight-county region of New York State.  I led more than 350 state police personnel and managed the state police budget and resources within that region.  I coordinated and maintained interagency cooperation for the state police in that region.

As a Staff Inspector, I held two positions. The first was within the NYSP’s Internal Affairs Bureau. I was tasked with developing and executing a new audit strategy for narcotics and forensics units within the state police. This strategy has become the standard operating procedure for the audits of these units. In the second position I was assigned to Field Operations and led the statewide narcotics enforcement operations. I was responsible for developing the enforcement strategy and ensuring its successful execution.

From 2000 through 2007, I was the head of all state police investigative units. As the Lieutenant Colonel of the BCI, throughout this period I was responsible for developing, executing, and maintaining major crime enforcement strategies. I helped develop many new investigative units with the state police. Some of these new units were Computer Crimes, Counter-Terrorism, and Cigarette Smuggling units. I expanded the Forensic and Child abuse units. Finally, I was responsible for ensuring all members of the BCI maintained their level of training and expertise within their assigned specialty.

I held two positions, as Deputy Superintendent/Colonel. I was initially assigned as the head of the NYSP Internal Affairs Bureau. I was subsequently elevated to the position of Field Commander. In this post, I was in command of all state police operations within New York State.

During the final phase of my state police career, I was appointed to the position of First Deputy Superintendent. As such, I was second in command of the NYSP. I was directly responsible for maintaining disciple and morale within the NYSP. I also specifically oversaw the Executive Services Detail, Aviation Unit, and Planning & Research section of the state police. I managed all the other sections and operations of the State Police. I helped managed a budget of more than half a billion dollars and more than 5000 employees. I led the upper management of the NYSP under the auspices of the Superintendent.

Professional Experience:

Hudson Valley Community College, Troy, New York

Adjunct Professor 2004 – 2008

I worked as an Adjunct Professor in Hudson Valley Community College’s Criminal Justice

Department. I taught a variety of criminal justice course during my tenure at HVCC.


Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 – Master’s Degree  –  Public Administration – 2002

Empire State College, Saratoga, NY 12866Bachelor’s Degree – Public Administration/Criminal Justice – 1997

Fiorello H. LaGuardia Community College, Long Island City, NY 11101 – Associate’s Degree – Human Services – 1980

FBI National Police Academy, Quantico, VirginiaCertificate of Completion – Police Sciences/Management – 1993


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