About Pedro Perez


Pedro J. Perez, CongeroPedro J.  Perez began playing conga in the early 1970s and studied with Master Drummer Daniel Barrejanos. He has continued to develop his music, playing for such groups as Walter Hicks Jazz Dance company, Shamus Murphy’s Jazz Experience, Nuyorican Baile Folkorico, and KUUMBA Afro-Carribean Dance & Drum.

Pedro currently plays with three Albany, NY Jazz Bands, Out of the Box, Gabriel’s Groove and Las Manos.


Pedro Perez in TokyoPedro J Perez began his martial arts training in 1960, starting with Shotokan Karate-do.

Pedro is currently  Shihan in Hakkoryu Jujutsu; Sandan American Shotokan/Kudonkan, Nidan Japan Karate Association-Karatedo, Shodan in American Goju, and  Shodan ChidoKwan. During the mid 1970s, he taught at the Shotokan Kudokan Dojo and later founded the No Name Dojo on the Lower Eastside in New York City. He taught karate at the Pitt Street Boy’s Club, and was the head instructor at the Jerome Mackey’s Incorporated Karate Dojo in Stamford, Connecticut.

Sensei Perez taught self-defense at the New York State Police Academy during basic training for recruit troopers. He was a member of the New York State Police’s Mobile Response Team, the State Police’s elite special weapons and tactics unit. During his tenure on the NYSP-MRT, he was one of the primary self-defense instructor. As a member of the NYSP he has risen through the ranks, being the first Latino to achieve Commissioned Officers ranks. He recently retired from his post as 2nd in command of the State Police, holding the title of First Deputy Superintendent.

He is the Founder and head Instructor of WaShinRyu Hakkoryu Jujutsu Dojo of Albany, NY.

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