Message from Marcus Benoit’s GabrielsGroove

Happy New Year to All!

It appears Gabriels Groove is off to a great start to 2012!

Pedro Perez and Gabriels Groove will be doing a Latin Heritage/Music presentation at the Guilderland school district on January 6, 2012. 

The same ensemble will be performing at the Black & Latino Achievers dinner on January 26, 2012 in support of this organization.

Black & Latino Achievers

The Black and Latino Achievers Program changes lives. The central purpose of the Black & Latino Achievers Program is to help youth set and pursue higher education and career goals. The Black & Latino Achievers Program reaches deep into the heart of the community for both adult and teen achievers. The YMCA utilizes the talents of successful professionals, community leaders, and corporations to bring a much needed positive influence into the lives of young people.

A CD project entitled “Tapestry of Love” is in the mixing and production stage at this time at Sten Isachcen’s studio. This CD features the musicianship of several great musicians from upstate New York that includes:
Pedro Perez- congas/percussion
Howard Underwood-bongos/percussion
Gary Nowik-drums
Mike Lawrence- acoustic bass
Joe Montarello- electric bass
Joe Finn-guitar
Noelle Marie-vocals/percussion
Marcus Benoit-flute/alto flute/piano
There will be two new upcoming You Tube creations in support of this project during this winter. And of course there are gigs at 9 Maple Avenue coming up as well as one at 74 State St on July 7, 2012 (see our Gig Dates for that information).
We wish everyone a great upcoming year and urge you to support live music…it give our life inspiration and helps heal our ‘Collective Soul”.
Thanks for listening
Marcus Benoit and Gabriels Groove

About Pedro J. Perez

I seek knowledge that will help our society, I also seek to enhance my understanding of music and martial arts I hope to add beauty to the world I am thankful for the blessing the cosmos has granted me.

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