Las Manos Jazz Band

Las Manos

The name Las Manos means the “the Hands”. These are the men who have the hands that create some superb music. Mark Finkin, Michael Hurt, and Pedro Perez have created an exciting sonic landscape, blending a mixture of traditional and contemporary Jazz with a heavy Latin flavor. The band covers a broad spectrum of styles. They perform a diverse repertoire of tunes by jazz legends Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, and Bill Evans as well as contemporary artists Nora Jones and Santana. Keyboardist and vocalist, Mark Finkin offers up an aggressive latin percussive style and is the leading composer for Las Manos. Bassist, Michael Hurt offers both an acoustic and electric foundation that speaks to both the traditional and contemporary requirements of a well-rounded bassist. Congero Pedro Perez lays down the authentic latin flavor with tasteful reinforcement. Although Las Manos is joined by other artists to round out the sound especially in recording projects the nucleus remains the powerful trio.Las Manos’ tunes rely on intuitive improvisation by the players. The result is an exciting latin groove that at times is funky and street wise.



About Pedro J. Perez

I seek knowledge that will help our society, I also seek to enhance my understanding of music and martial arts I hope to add beauty to the world I am thankful for the blessing the cosmos has granted me.

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  1. Hola Pedro, Thanks so much for extending your expertise in reaching out to others interested in Latin Jazz. Looking forward to this Thursday and beyond.
    I am skyping a session with Tommy tonight. There is a way to 3 way call and will look into it further. Regards, Mark

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